Update : Jeff Speakman and his fight against cancer

Gepubliceerd op 23/05/2013
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Wij hebben volgend bericht ontvangen van Jeff Speakman.
Hi Everyone,
to all my students, friends and fans around the world. I have just returned from my first meeting at City of Hope 6 weeks after my chemo and radiation treatment...all 3 of my doctors from surgery, radiation and oncology have reviewed the hi resolution CT scan from this morning and all 3 say that the tumor is gone and there is no sigh of other concerns such as spreading to the lymph glands or the esophagus...there still is damage and swelling from the radiation but all looks normal from this time frame...the 12 week PT scan is the most important because of the resolution power and by then all the swelling should be gone...but for now this is the best case scenario ...if Einstein is right and energy cannot be created or destroyed...and if quantum physics is right saying that we can be receptive to others energies then all of you have directly contributed to my healing...for all your efforts I have to find a way to thank you from the deepest places of my spirit...hope to see all of you at the Vegas Event so we can enjoy life together...with loving respect for you all...js


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